The Everett Winterfest

The Everett Winterfest is one of those almost spontaneously occurring phenomenon. In a sleepy little town there awakens a great big festival seemingly out of nowhere. It is a major to-do, hailing all the townsfolk and people from the community at large. There is a parade, there is a humungous Christmas Tree. Then suddenly, it is over. Running only one day, and a half day at that, this Winterfest is a quick little event. Blink and you may miss it. But this festival is not to be overlooked.

Winterfest starts with the ever-popular Christmas parade. This through-town processional rings in Santa Clause himself as well as the rest of the festivities. Later, children can meet with Santa at the local library. Through the festival live bands serenade with various bluegrass and folk bands and there are shows from local dance troupes as well. There are a litany of indoor activities for kids at the Children’s Craft Corner, including a magic show and balloon animals. For the adults there is a craft show with regional artists and the festival favorite chainsaw carvers. Raffle drawings for prizes include everything from custom made chainsaw carvings to a model train sets. Absolutely not to be missed is the end of festival lighting of the Christmas tree!

It is hard to sell a festival like the Everett Winterfest. At a total run time of four hours, it is admittedly easy to pass over. But every visitor who has ever gone can attest that it’s hard to let go. Perhaps the end of the day events sum things up Winterfest best. Later in the afternoon as the festivities start to peter out the town gets ready for the ceremonial illumination. The sun is low, ushering the bone-deep feeling that an early winter night is about to settle in. Visitors huddle in with their loved ones, clutching gifts, hot drinks, and coats. The tree lights while the crowd applaudes. And that’s it. Like a great performer leaving the crowd wanting more, that is it.

Admission is free and parking is in town.

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