The Annual Egg and Art Show

The Annual Egg and Art Show is always just in time for Easter which is a good thing, because these eggs are cooler than anything hiding in a bush or under a lawn chair.  Celebrating this most European of traditional crafts, artists cut, paint dye and decorate eggs into amazing works of art.  The tapestry of colors and shapes is truly something to experience, and the delicacy of these ovular paintings adds to the allure and the value.

Visitors to this festival can watch as artists demonstrate their techniques.  For those who want to get even more hands on, classes on egg decorating are offered.  Sign up in advance though because space is limited and seats sell fast.  Beautiful as the eggs are, there are other crafts on display. Vendors are on hand selling jewelry, pottery, and  cut-out wooden decorations.

Enjoy the live music as you eat because the Egg and Art Show is renowned as much for the food as it is the eggs.  No, eggs aren’t on the menu at this festival.  Instead, caterers work all week to ready the most delicious homemade Polish food you’ve ever had (not counting grandma’s cooking of course).  Pierogies, kielbasa, haluskie and stuffed cabbage is just the start.  Finish up dinner with a wonderful selection of nut rolls, lekvr and fruit rolls including raspberry and the very popular apricot.  Made special for Easter, the Egg and Art Show even offers a traditional Polish Easter Bread called Pysanky.  Food is sold till it’s sold out – which it does quickly.  A food order submitted before hand guarantees you will have all the homemade goodies you want!

Admission price is very nominal and parking is free.

If you plan to go:

WhereLa Salle Academy 440 Holland St Shillington, PA 19607,
WebsiteThe Annual Egg and Art Show

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