07/21/2022 to 07/24/2022

Channel your inner geek and embrace the imbuing spirit of Japanese pop culture, Tekko is Mecca for Anime lovers.  Tekko was formerly billed as “Tekkoshocon”, but i still the fantastic week long event that it has always been.  Surprisingly vast, with hundreds of booths selling items and enough contests and tournaments to keep guests impossibly busy, this big time event is sure to induce Japanese inspired dancing for joy. You don’t have to be an anime fan to enjoy Tekko, but it certainly helps.

There are dozens and dozens of panels and workshops at Tekko.  Take heed that there is a big difference between panels and workshops.  While both are offered in an amazingly wide variety of topics, panels are like lectures whereas workshops are very hands-on endeavors.  Both are surprisingly inclusive and can be moderated by experts, convention staff or by guests themselves.  While panels and workshops are an essential pillar of Tekko, special guests are just as important.  Most guests are related to anime, but can also include a wide berth of industry experts including television and movie directors and VPs who have worked extensively in all genres.

Tekko is packed with daily shows including big concerts and national comedy acts.  On Saturdays don’t miss the big dance party, and the Masquerade is a must for all the costume lovers.  There are plenty of daily contests including model building, costume designs, and the very popular Anime Music Video challenge.  Visitors can submit their work and winners are awarded prizes.  There are also lots, and lots, and lots of video games.  Join in tournaments or play for fun on old systems and new systems.  All your favorite games are at Tekko.

Admission rates vary and run from nominal to moderate in price.  The convention is held at a hotel which offers very competitive rates.  Parking is available at the convention hotel and nearby municipal lots.

If you plan to go:

When07/21/2022 to 07/24/2022
WhereLawrence Convention Center - Pittsburgh PA

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