Pumpkinfest at Shady Brook Farm

09/11/2021 to 09/23/2021

Pumpkinfest at Shady Brook Farm is a great opportunity to share with the family the great rituals of autumn delights. Hayrides take families out to the fields where they can hand pick bulbous pumpkins.  This enriching and bonding experience is punctuated with  fun activities, neat attractions and plenty of homemade foods. The effect is one …

HorrorFest at Shady Brook Farm

09/24/2021 to 09/26/2021

Horrorfest at Shady Brook Farm is a compendium of frightening attractions sure to scare the pants off of even those with strong resolve.  Those with weak constitution don’t stand a chance.  If you have wee ones, maybe best to not stick around.  No matter how you slice it, Horrorfest is designed to scare, and they …

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