Charlestown Day


The vision for Charlestown Day is to encourage our community to join together for a day of wellness, community spirit and to enjoy the beauty of our township and neighbors. The day will kick off with a 5K run through beautiful Charlestown Township. The run is geared to runners of all ages and will go …

Phoenixville Blues Festival


This is a day to enjoy the sights and sounds of Phoenixville and most importantly support our local youth with the gift of music. Come enjoy food, activities and great music brought to you by many of the area’s blues bands.


07/08/2022 to 07/10/2022

Festivities begin with the traditional “Running Out of the Theatre: scene reenactment on Friday. Other highlights included: contests, food, a street fair, film screeings and of course, multiple showings of “The Blob”.

Phoenixville Firebird Festival


Celebrating the unlikely resurgence of its economy, the Phoenixville Firebird Festival is a spectacular one day festival in which the town of Phoenixville proudly displays its plumage.  The burning of the phoenix effigy is far and away the biggest pull of the festival.  Constructed of wooden planks, and roughly the size of a two story …

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