Ebensburg Homecoming


Ebensburg Homecoming was started in the summer of 1997 for the Ebensburg bicentennial celebration. Since then, it has become a yearly tradition. Every July, the community gets together to celebrate the summer months and welcome former Ebensburg residents home. The celebration consists of many different events and gets bigger and better every year! Join us …

Ebensburg Dickens of a Christmas

12/02/2022 to 12/04/2022

Get ready for a literary adventure at the Ebensburg Dickens of a Christmas because it is crafted with amazing bookish care. In fact, everything about this festival falls back on the literature and life of Dickens himself. Consider that this festival tours the local nineteenth-century prison… dressed up as London’s infamous Newgate prison.  Intriguing sure, …

Ebensburg Potatofest


Celebrating exclusively the potato farmers ofCambria County’s might seem an overly ambitious niche market. Then you realize that Cambria County is the second largest supplier of potatoes in the state – and Pennsylvania grows a lot of potatoes. So it is, the annual Ebensburg Potatofest is held the last Saturday in September every year. At …

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