Swift Horse Woman Native American Festival

The Swift Horse Woman Native American Festival is an annual dancing and drumming exhibition held over two days in Mt. Aetna.  Since 2001 Swift Horse has been inviting renowned drummers and dancers from all over the nation to participate in the festival.  Make no mistake, the main attraction of the Swift Horse festival is the music.

Still, The Swift Horse Woman Native American Festival succeeds in creating a diverse festival experience by celebrating a wide berth of customs and traditions true to Native American cultures.  In addition to the music, there is storytelling, traditional Native American foods, and Native American crafts. So pack a blanket and chairs and enjoy two days of genuine Native American music and culture.

Pets are welcomed and there are limited spaces for visitor camping.  Admission is free but donations are welcomed and go to supporting the Mt. Aetna Rescue Fire Company No.1.  Gates open at 10:00 am Saturday and Sunday and the Grand Entry is at noon.  Festival sponsors remind guests there are absolutely no firearms, alcohol, drugs or politics permitted.

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