Ramp Festival

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Held at the stunningly beautiful Mason-Dixon park, the Ramp Festival is the go-to event to appreciate one of Pennsylvania’s most unsung heroes of local agriculture. Ramps are tiny sprouts which are known by many different names, most commonly as “wild leeks”.  They are predominant to the Appalachian Mountains and have a very earthy and spicy taste akin to garlic.  Over the last few years this unassuming yet potent herb has crept into the local mainstream and can now be found in some grocery stores.  However, the best way to enjoy ramps, like any produce, is freshly cultivated and harvested, and that’s exactly what visitors get at Ramp Festival

Culinary inspired festivals are without a doubt the best for food.  According to sponsors of the Ramp Festival is that the centerpiece of any ramp festival is food.  This is something that is taken to heart and gullet with the utmost earnestness.  This festival, though relatively small in scope, has enough food to feed a county fair! There are literally a dozen local food vendors churning out ramp inspired dishes all weekend long.  On hand is everything from ramp wine to ramp butter, fried potatoes with ramps, ramp burgers, beer-battered deep-fried ramps, and the famous ramp-sampler.  There are also homemade baked goods, fresh donuts, sausage sandwiches, onion rings, sassafras tea, whiskey jellies, canned peppers, salsas, and funnel cakes.  The absolutely famous Dollar Mason Dixon Dogs are an absolute must.  Topped with chili, coleslaw, kraut and ramps, these behemoth dogs are a meal unto themselves!

The food may be the centerpiece, but the activities are the finest of accoutrement.  In addition to live music playing all weekend long, there are also Lippencott Alpacas for kids, and Antique Steam Engines that actually run for the enjoyment of kids and adults alike.  There are also craft vendors on hand selling wares and art.  Visitors can sign up at the park booth for fun door prizes and an amazing raffle in which intricately crafted art pieces are up for grabs.  Sunday morning, the festival invites everyone for an open-air church service before the festival starts

Admission and parking is free.

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