Phoenixville Firebird Festival


Celebrating the unlikely resurgence of its economy, the Phoenixville Firebird Festival is a spectacular one day festival in which the town of Phoenixville proudly displays its plumage.  The burning of the phoenix effigy is far and away the biggest pull of the festival.  Constructed of wooden planks, and roughly the size of a two story house, this massive homage to the town’s namesake is spectacular to say the least.  Lit, and burning bright, the flames chase away the chilly darkness of winter, and illuminate the crowd of over ten thousand spectators.  In the heat of the feathery flames ignites a strange but not so unfamiliar feeling; the burning bird feels uplifting and assuring.  The Firebird Festival is meant to elicit such emotion

In the eighties when the local steel and iron mills closed, Phoenixville was thrust into certain economic destruction. Like so many other towns in Pennsylvania, this small town was forced to find unique and creative ways to operate in the absence of their primary employers if they were to survive.  Over the last thirty years, Phoenixville has bravely forged a path of commerce with arts and retail, restoring old theatres and buildings and opening unique shops and restaurants.  Like the town’s namesake, Phoenixville has risen from the brink of societal oblivion to become again a thriving community.  More than anything else, the Firebird Festival celebrates the can-do spirit of Phoenixville and its citizens.

Arrive early at Firebird to enjoy all the activities in town.  Throughout the day, families can participate in activities like traditional storytelling, craft-making for kids, and a full schedule of live music entertains crowds.  As night falls, get ready for the Pageantry Parade.  Marching down Bridge Street towards the wooden statue is a flock of costumed dancers, daring fire breathers, and enchanting fire dancers.  The parade and the night end at the Phoenix statue where the bird is lit and everyone gathers around the rising flames.

Admission to the event is free and parking is in town.

If you plan to go:

WhereVeteran Memorial Park - 192 Mowere Rd, Phoenixville PA
WebsitePhoenixville Firebird Festival

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