Philadelphia Multicultural Festival


Our Multicultural Festival will celebrate the diversity of our church, community, and our country by presenting speakers from various cultural backgrounds who will highlight aspects of their heritage. Speakers will present topic about how our churches, community, and our country has changed over the years and how we as good citizens must meet this on-going challenge. We will celebrate with African drumming & dance, exploring meaningful ways for individuals can participate positively in our changing world and how those changes influence us at home, in our communities, in our church and in our family life as we raise children to prepare for the future. We will discuss ways in which we can be of value in the future and what our concerns should be. Time will be allowed for questions and answers from the audience. This is a must see, hear and participate in event. Your views and concerns are needed to make this event stimulation for us all. Chicken dinners will be sold, order can be emailed or called in.

If you plan to go:

WhereOak Lane Presbyterian Church, 6637 North 11th Street at Oak Lane, Philadelphia PA 19126,
WebsitePhiladelphia Multicultural Festival
ParkingIn town

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