Penn’s Wood West Folk Art Festival

Editors Note: We are trying to get 2014 dates for this festival and will post them as soon as we get them.

In the winter there are few festivals designed to showcase artisans; such themes are usually reserved for warmer weather.  Yet winter’s Penn’s Woods West Folk Art Festival is a little gem of a festival designed to do just that. When you consider that the festival is only one day, the annual net of roughly ten thousand visitors each year is staggering.  All this to say the Folk Art Festival is bold, and it seems that people agree.  As if defiantly charging against the winter doldrums, this festival jump starts the most avid festival-goers and perpetually challenges any notion that there could ever be six more weeks of winter.

Held indoors at Mercer High School, the Folk Art Festival showcases nearly two hundred top-quality crafters and artists from all over the region.  Artisans encompass the traditional which visitors have come to expect: jewelry makers, quilters, potters, painters, etc.  All artists are highly talented and the qualities of the products are top notch.  In addition to the professional artisans, high school and college students are able to showcase work, and prizes are awarded for student participants.

What sets the Folk Art Festival from other craft shows set during the winter is the genuine festival spirit.  Live entertainment played throughout the day provides great background noise and ensures a pleasant browsing experience. A massive train display is sure to entice train enthusiasts of all ages.  An accompanied train sale makes the experience even more enticing.   Quilt lovers won’t want to miss the Folk Art Festival.  The quilt show is considered one of the best around!  In addition to all the fun and activities, food concessions are available through local clubs, including traditional festival fare.

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