Peddler’s Village Apple Weekend

11/05/2022 to 11/06/2022

Consider that most apple festivals are usually held in the early fall. That being the case, the Peddler’s Village Apple Festival (held annually in November) is your last chance to get an apple fix before winter sets in!  And Southeast Pennsylvania is world-renown for its apples.  So Peddler’s Village of Bucks County is serious about apples.  These factors mixed with the intimate and other-worldly charm of the village itself makes this apple festival a must-go event.

The Peddler’s Village Apple Festival offers all the comforts of a customary apple celebration.  There is fresh apple butter and apple cider is cooking over an open fire.  There are apples fresh from the orchard, ready to take home by the bushel.  Where things get interesting is in the location itself.  Peddler’s Village is a bonafide village of shops and inns – over seventy in fact!  So the vendors at this festival are the very shops of the town.  And these shops work great for the festival.  Enjoy fresh dumplings and apple fritters from the bakeries.  There are candy apples to buy at the stores.  Get out of the chilly autumn air and warm up in one of the festive craft shops.  And after a long day of stress-free shopping and fun, relax at the town inn.

At the Peddler’s Village Apple Festival, the apples and the village work in simpatico.  The apples are delicious and the shop owners and festival sponsors get excited for the big harvest.  But the village itself is a great attraction.  Enjoy the old world charm and intimacy of this festival – and of course the apples! Admission and parking are free.

If you plan to go:

When11/05/2022 to 11/06/2022
WherePeddler's Village - Routes 202 & 263, Lahaska PA
WebsitePeddler’s Village Apple Weekend

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