Not Quite Pittsburgh Juggling Festival

Juggling (and by extension jugglers) has a nomenclature all its own .  Take for instance juggling terms like Three Ball Cascade or 441 site.  Jugglers are cut from a different cloth so to say, textured in self-entertainment and fulfillment from teaching others.  So it’s no surprise that the Not Quite Pittsburgh Juggling Festival is a real hands-on festival.  Most people only know juggling through a passive experience, something you see at a circus or a street fair.  At this festival spectators are welcomed but there is plenty of room to participate.

Not Quite Pittsburgh Juggling Festival is three days of juggling shows, workshops, demonstrations, competitions, and prop trading.  Whether you are a novice, an expert, or just curious there is plenty to experience at this festival.  On Friday and Saturday, there are contests, games, open juggling, and structured workshops.  Beginner and novice jugglers can interact with and learn from experienced jugglers and everyone is trying new skills.  If you have stilts or unicycles the festival encourages bringing those too!  Vendors sell and trade juggling props as well.

The festival technically ends Saturday, but with the juggling crowd there’s always room for an encore.  So Sunday there is an open juggling forum in the school gym from 11am to 3pm.

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