Mother’s Day Intertribal Powwow

It is far more than coincidental that the Mothers Day Intertribal Powwow takes place in very rugged Pennsylvania mountains, in an area that hundreds of years ago was home to some of the nation’s most open and violent clashes between colonials and Native Americans. It is also not a coincidence that this powwow carries a strict “No Politics” rule. Against the gentlest of days, when we defrayal to the honesty of a mother’s love and the fair demur against any strife, this gathering of people in a traditional powwow might celebrate togetherness more than anything else. At the very least, it is a celebration of mutual respect for others and for culture. And while a powwow, even one on a Mother’s Day weekend, may not cure all tensions and past wrongs, it is surely an honest and sincere start.

In the way that all powwows are, this is a celebration of Native American culture, and a beautiful tribute to the long-held art of tribal dancing. But it is definitely a powwow For those who may have never been, there is a guaranteed energy about it. Rife with ceremony and ritual, the Powwow is a full-fledged experience. The Circle opens mid-morning both days and starts with traditional storytelling. Shortly thereafter, a Grand Entry of all dignitaries and dancers in full regalia commences. The weekend continues with a large promenade of dancers, drummers and performers. All come ready to enact ancient and meaningful dances and performances.

In addition to the ceremonial dances, the Powwow features a collection of Native American crafts, bead work, leather work, books, CD’s, jewelry, t-shirts, and blankets. There is a large assortment of concession vendors, and food is in no short supply. Fry bread by Carolyn, food by the Noxen Fire Co. and much more keep patrons satiated and content. A Sloppy Joe “Wimpie”contest will be held Friday evening and is free to enter, with the winner receiving a cash prize. Saturday and Sunday hosts a breakfast, with a served meal on Sunday and a community potluck on Saturday. Meals are provided for dancers and vendors.

Admission is free, and the public is welcomed. Camping is available and dogs are permitted.

If you plan to go:

Where3493 Stull Rd Noxen, PA 18636,
WebsiteMother’s Day Intertribal Powwow

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