Mechanicsburg Tree Lighting


For small festivals it can sometimes be hard to focus a theme.  For the annual Mechanicsburg Tree Lighting it is pretty straight forward.  They have sleigh rides, and there are grand Christmas lights in the evening.  Held at the township fire hall, the Tree Lighting is a little event that kind of just pops up on the radar and quickly disappears.  This festival is not very big – only attracting a couple hundred spectators, and there aren’t any frills.

Don’t be dissuaded by the simplicity and small size of this festival.  Tree Lighting is worth going to for specifically those reasons.  Come to this festival and enjoy an afternoon – a real afternoon.  The holidays are stressful; too much egg nog and shopping is no good for the heart.  A quiet evening is exactly what is prescribed to cure those yuletide-burdened souls, and this festival delivers just that.  Tree Lighting chooses not to cram its schedule full of clutter or be something it isn’t.

The staple of any festival are craft vendors, and Tree Lighting is no exception to that rule.  But the selection is limited to choice crafters.  You’ll quickly realize just how relaxing the pace of a small event can be when shopping for crafts is not so much that you can’t stop to enjoy the caroling.  There is live entertainment and a special mailbox for kids to mail their letter to Santa.  Special snacks and drinks are served all afternoon and at the end of the night spectators gather outside for the Christmas lights display and sing seasonal songs.

Admission and parking are free.

If you plan to go:

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