Ligonier Ice Fest

01/22/2022 to 01/23/2022

Ligonier Ice Fest is renowned for its ice sculptures.  Nearly fifty of these arctic beauties are put on display in the town square and they draw thousands of spectators.  Professionally crafted and intricately detailed, these sculptures are sure to dazzle and delight.  More dazzling still, is watching the ice artists work their chisels and saws right on the town diamond.  Like the town of Ligonier itself, the display is at once industrious and elegant.

Festival sponsors make no qualms about it; Ice Fest is designed to get people outside and downtown.  This being the case, Ice Fest takes a very peculiar divergence from traditional street fairs.   Instead of a main drag of vendors and food, the entire town itself is the venue and local shops hosting open houses are the vendors.  The effect is one of a true and genuine holiday downtown.  So it makes sense then that the live music is not on a grand stand but instead at town hall.  Horse carriage rides that show off beautiful Ligonier seem even more in line with the festival theme than would otherwise be.  Activities for children are at toy stores and story time is, quite naturally, at the local library.  The volunteer fire department hosts a very impressive spaghetti dinner.  Otherwise, local restaurants cater to the majority of visitors.

It is amazing the impact that the Ligonier Ice Fest has on its visitor.  Ligonier is truly a wonderful place and Ice Fest, despite or because of its non-traditional style, is wonderful too.  A festival with such warm intentions fits super-naturally well with a town of such tractable character. One day at Ice Fest and visitors will soon find that it has done more for their tired winter souls then ever first imagined possible.

If you plan to go:

When01/22/2022 to 01/23/2022
WhereLigonier PA
WebsiteLigonier Ice Fest

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