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Lewisburg Live! is the second half of an ambitious multi-week celebration of the arts in Lewisburg (the other being the Lewisburg arts Festival).  It is a bold and altruistic mission which guides the Lewisburg Live:  to encourage and advance art in the Lewisburg area by supporting local artists and providing opportunities for the residents to participate in a variety of artistic programs.  The guiding concept and mission works abundantly well as Lewisburg Live! Manages to cultivate an impressive collection of artists and a faithful cadre of followers.

Being that Lewisburg Live! is a compliment to a regiment of art festivals, the sponsors have been able to streamline the event into it’s rawest component. That is to say that in it’s most honest form, Lewisburg Live! is a music festival, plain and simple.

Held in the downtown streets, this evening of music encompasses over a half dozen high-quality bands from in and around the Lewisburg area. Most of the acts are devoted acoustic performances and keep it somewhere between light jazz and folk, with a sometimes smattering of indie and alternative rock. All of the bands play at different venues around town, mostly in local restaurants, and its a one-night only kind of affair. While the bands play overlaps one another, careful planning will ensure a full night of fun and many acts to see.

Parking is in town.

If you plan to go:

WhereDowntown Lewisburg, PA,
WebsiteLewisburg Live!

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