Kelletville Winterfest

The mantra at Kelletville Winterfest is warmth.  Everything about this little festival is lively and welcoming.  Winterfest is held at the breathtaking Black Caddis Ranch and the two are a perfect match.  This cozy bed and breakfast is so inviting you’ll feel like you were home.  At Winterfest, the vivacious spirit and friendly atmosphere is enough to chase away even the coldest January nights.  Of course, that is the hope.

There are plenty of fun activities at the Kelletville Winterfest.  Sign up for contests like The Longest Snowball Throw and the Cross Country Ski Sprint.  Visitors will be wowed by the blindfolded snowmobile obstacle course. A sled riding hill is free to everyone and there is a best snowman competition.  Winterfest also has live music and good food.  Hot beverages and chili and hotdogs are available with a donation to the Forest County Snowmobile Club.

Kelletville Winterfest is along major snowmobile trails.  Visitors are welcomed to ride their snowmobiles into the festival.  Whether traveling by car or snowmobile, it is good to warm up by the fire at Black Caddis Ranch after a long day of winter fun.  The gracious hosts have opened their doors to the public for free tours and free fire warmth.  Though space is limited, there are rooms to rent at the Black Cadis Ranch.  There is no better way to end a long day of fun then at a cozy bed and breakfast!

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