HorrorFest at Shady Brook Farm

09/24/2021 to 09/26/2021

Horrorfest at Shady Brook Farm is a compendium of frightening attractions sure to scare the pants off of even those with strong resolve.  Those with weak constitution don’t stand a chance.  If you have wee ones, maybe best to not stick around.  No matter how you slice it, Horrorfest is designed to scare, and they have the awards and praise to prove it.  But just remember that accolades mean nothing when the very real and overpowering fear that begins to sets in.

Horrorfest treats its guests right, offering entertainment that is less faint-inducing. Live bands are usually playing and multiple bonfires burn around hay bale benches.  The festival favorite Scare-eee-okee is good for a laugh and a try.  Once the stomach-churning adrenaline wears off from the fright attractions, there are plenty of food stands offering delicious treats and hot drinks to its visitors.  The effect of the side-attractions means that a trip to Horrorfest is not simply a one-time-walk through a haunted fun house, but a great all night experience that will thrill, delight, possible induce vomiting, but certainly entertain.

Though Horrorfest is its own attraction, it and two other festivals fly under the banner of Fall Fest.  In actuality, it is easier to think of these three separate events as punctuations to a greater arcing Fall Fest.  Fall Fest at Shady Brooks Farm is a nonstop compendium of fresh produce, fun games, and chilling scares in a style that can only exist on a rural farm.  The festival runs the entire last part of September till the end of October including weekdays.  Special dates exhibit apple events, pumpkin events, and their award winning horror shows.  While sometimes overlapping, the individual festivals don’t run the entire six weeks of Fall Fest so best to consult the calendar before heading out.

Admission price is moderate and vary.  Parking is free

If you plan to go:

When09/24/2021 to 09/26/2021
Where931 Stony Hill Road, Yardley PA
WebsiteHorrorFest at Shady Brook Farm
More InformationOpen every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October

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