Historic Hollidaysburg Candlelight Christmas Tour

Editors Note: We can’t find 2014 information for this festival, but there may be some information coming here.

Since 1988, the annual Historic Hollidaysburg Candlelight Christmas Tour has sought to do just that. Hosted as a fundraiser by Historic Hollidaysburg Inc, this event is designed to help share with visitors what a more measured and low-key Christmas looked like in times now long passed.In this hectic world it can be easy to overlook the small things, such as that old house on the way to work which is never paid any attention. Especially around the holidays, it is important to take a moment and put things in perspective.

Candlelight Christmas is a self-guided jaunt through a half dozen of Hollidaysburg’s most historic homes which are all beautifully and festively decorated in lights, ornaments, and wreaths. Stops include the Historic House, and the Jacob Walters homestead which was built in 1820s and is the one of the first structures built in the area. Visitors can enjoy homemade baked goods and drinks served at the Presbyterian Home.

Admission cost is moderate and per guest. Driving required.

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