Hartslog Day


The origins of Hartslog can be traced back to John Hart, a licensed Indian Trader from the mid-1700s known to settlers by the distinctive hollowed-out log he used as a feeding trough for his horses. So it is with this local color as a basis, one of the most unique and truly heartfelt festivals is shaped. Every year on the second Saturday in October the town of Alexandria gathers to celebrate their heritage and their local pride with the annual Hartslog Day.

At Hartslog Day, there is one universal rule: everything must be homemade.  And homemade it is.  Craft vendors sell a wide selection of wares, from stained glass to children’s toys, wood works, and even quilts. The vendors are mostly local and there is an expectation of expert quality in everything sold

Even the food has a great homemade quality.  The United Methodist Church sponsors a large breakfast.  In the afternoon be sure to try the famous barbeque chicken served up by the Juniata Valley Lions! There are homemade foods to buy and take home as well.

Before breakfast, don’t forget to go to the raising of the Pumpkin Pole at the library! There is also a parade in the morning.  There is live entertainment all day long.  Great local bands and choirs along with established musicians perform all day.

Hartslog Day has been running annually since 1975.  Even though the festival is only a day long, its reputation for quality crafts and its fun, unique atmosphere is enough to draw thousands of spectators.  Impressive for a town of only a few hundred!

Admission to the festival is free.

If you plan to go:

WhereHartslog Heritage Museum - Main St, Alexandria PA
WebsiteHartslog Day

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