Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous

04/27/2022 to 04/30/2022

According to the Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous, their festival is Mecca for chainsaw carvers.  Considering the growth and acclaim this festival has acquired over a relatively short period of time, the claim may not be all that boisterous.  Started in 1999 as a backyard gathering between two brothers, the Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous has quickly grown into a week long festival of almost two hundred carvers. The largest and most revered festival of its kind in the entire world, the Carvers Rendezvous represents carvers from all over the country and from nearly a dozen different countries

The Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous is a week long and events change daily, but there is a really good chance that whichever day you attend, there will be plenty of fun things to do and see.  Seminars and demonstrations occur all day and are as fun as they are educational.  In the face of amazing growth, the Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous has managed to maintain a great level of down home sincerity.  It feels today as it did so many years ago when it was just friends in the backyard.  Now as all those years ago, visitors have a chance to interact with the carvers while they create amazing works of art.

Television shows and national news have all covered the event, and every year as the festival grows, so do the awards count.  As nice as the press is for the festival, all of the accolades garnered through the years are due in large part to the amazing talent that shows up for the Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous. It is hard not to be impressed by the thousands of amazing sculptures, all of which are designed and executed with the utmost care and craftsmanship.  At the end of the week, don’t miss the auction, where visitors can bid on a chance to take home some Rendezvous Art!

Admission is Free

If you plan to go:

When04/27/2022 to 04/30/2022
WhereRidgway PA
WebsiteChainsaw Carvers Rendezvous

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