Springs Folk Festival

10/07/2022 to 10/08/2022

The Springs Folk Festival invites you to join in the celebration of the arts, skills and labors of our forefathers. Watch the men and women baking bread and weaving, the men hewing logs and threshing grain and the children enjoying themselves on an old-time hayride. The lilting notes of blue grass groups, gospel music and …

Mountain Craft Days

09/09/2022 to 09/11/2022

Mountain Craft Days was founded in 1970 to preserve and interpret the wonderful historic craft and trades heritage of Somerset County. Over 125 craft artisans, musicians, and entertainers will be on hand to interpret the rich frontier heritage of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Booths and outdoor performance sites are located within walking distance of each other in …

Laurel Hill Bluegrass Festival

08/20/2022 to 08/21/2022

Over the two-day course of the festival, more than 10,000 people enjoyed the music, food, re-enactors, vendors, and, of course, the FUN!

Fire and Ice Festival

01/13/2023 to 01/15/2023

This year is a prehistoric theme – “jurassic somerset” – we’ll have 52 sculptures, fireworks, fire dancing, a mini museum from the Carnegie museum of natural history, a reptile encounter experience, an ice slide and so much more!

Confluence PumpkinFest

10/07/2022 to 10/09/2022

The first weekend of October marks the annual Confluence PumpkinFest .  Confluence is a small town with big ideas, and PumpkinFest reflects that same vigor and pride, and the three day festival is as much a celebration of the people as it is actual pumpkins. The best way to enjoy this PumpkinFest is to be …

Pennsylvania Maple Festival

04/23/2022 to 05/01/2022

Pancakes and Sausage?  With an abundance of maple syrup, this seems one of the most obvious choices!  But there is much more to do at the Pennsylvania Maple Festival.   The Maple Festival, held in Myersdale, in Sommerset County occurs annually in early spring, just the right time to start tapping into the trees. Special …

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