Sherman Valley Heritage Days

10/07/2022 to 10/09/2022

The official mission of the Sherman Valley Heritage Days is to demonstrate and preserve the role of antique farm equipment, and hand-craftsmanship from that time colloquially referred to as “The Good Old Days”. On a more basic level, Heritage Days is a testament a man’s mettle from days long gone. It is the type of …

Newport Canal Day


19th century Pennsylvania was crisscrossed with canals the same way that four-lane highways crisscross the state today.  And like highways of today, canals 150 years ago were vital to the security of commerce and the spread of people in the commonwealth. During this unsung period of Pennsylvania’s history, Newport was a stop on the Juniata …

Christmas Trail

12/17/2022 to 12/23/2022

Remember how amazing it was as a kid to witness Christmas Lights.  It was one of the best parts of Christmas.  Take time this holiday season to relive those memories and share an evening with your loved ones at the Little Buffalo Christmas Trail.  Over a comfortable and very doable quarter-mile trail visitors to the …

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