Dillsburg Picklefest


Even though Mr. Dill himself was probably not thinking pickles when he founded Dillsburg, the annual Dillsburg Picklefest was practically made for this town.  Designed to raise the community profile, this festival certainly satisfies the order.  Peter Piper would be proud.  Gherkin, sweet, and (obviously) dill – they’re all at Picklefest.  And incarnations of all …

Summerfest Arts Festival


Camp Men-O-Lan, in Quakertown, PA holds the Annual Summerfest Arts Festival and Benefit Auction each year around the 3rd weekend in May, to help fund scholarships to ensure that all kids can attend camp. This is a festival that can run a FULL DAY!  It starts with a pancake breakfast, then continues to the Arts …

Apple Dumpling Festival

05/26/2020 to 05/30/2020

Staring at it’s inception in 1954, the annual Apple Dumpling Festival has held strong as a Berks County tradition.  Fun rides, pie eating contests, watermelon seed spitting, and great food all make fore a nice local festival.  Great are the apple dumplings. Served hot or cold; with or with out ice cream, these homemade treats …

Boalsburg Memorial Day Festival


In actuality, the Boalsburg Memorial Day Festival is a very, very big deal.  As the story goes, Memorial Day was started in Boalsburg when in 1864 three local women decorated the graves of their fallen soldiers in austere remembrance.  The birthplace of a national holiday is no small matter, and Boalsburg carries the burden gleefully …

Blossburg Coal Festival

05/21/2020 to 05/23/2020

Every Memorial Day weekend since 1993, the town of Blossburg commemorates their town’s rich history of mining with the Blossburg Coal Festival.  And while coal is no longer mined in Blossburg all the major manufacturing that exists there today is directly descended from the nearly 150 years of mining that fueled the growth of the …

Tile Festival

05/18/2019 to 05/19/2019

It would be no surprise to learn that the niche crowd for art-tile enthusiasts is relatively tiny.  What may be a surprise is that in this alcove world the annual Tile Festival is Tile Mecca.   Held at the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, Tile Festival draws is a gathering of some of the most beautiful …

Bethlehem Bach Festival

05/10/2019 to 05/18/2019

The Bethlehem Bach Festival is held in May on the first and second weekends of the month.  The concerts are held at various locations on the Lehigh University Campus.