The Birding Festival


With spring comes the birds, and with the return of birds comes the annual Birding Festival. Held in the pristine Kettle Creek State Park, this festival affords guests a remote location and beautiful scenery in which to view Pennsylvania birds and fowls in their natural habitat. It also allows for some up close and personal encounters. In a way, the bluebirds and finches, and even the majestic raptors, universally signify a return to warmth and growth as Spring begins to fully bloom. Perhaps then, the optic of the bird is the best looking glass for springtime and that of nature. Surely, the folks at the Birding festival would agree.

One of the most emphatic aspects of the Birding Festival are the numerous guided tours. Park Rangers take guests through the park and down Kettle Creek itself to showcase the species that call the park home and explain some of their habitats. Guests are encouraged to bring guide books as well, and definitely binoculars if you wish to see the birds with greater detail. Though walking tours run all morning and afternoon, a special and very fitting “early bird” walking tour is available for early morning guests. For guests that aren’t afraid of a little water, pontoon tours saunter down the creek while guides explain some of the park’s migratory fowls.

As the activities at the Birding Festival take flight, opportunities abound to learn and interact with these ornithological occupants. Guests can see birds up close with fun demonstrations. Live owls and raptors are brought in from adjoining parks for demonstrations and represent some of the bigger species found along the Kettle Creek Watershed. A designated stations, participants can create peanut butter bird feeders or build a bluebird house. Concessions are not available, and guests are strongly encouraged to bring a lunch or pack a picnic.

Admission is free and parking is on-site.

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